Botanica I

Botanica I
Botanica I
Botanica I

Botanica I

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Botanica I

Size: 300 x 300

Marie Chimes is a Toowoomba-based graphic designer and artist. After having her second daughter, she decided she wanted to lead by example and pursue her dream of turning her love and passion for art into a career.

She draws her inspiration from nature’s colour palettes, the sea and interior design. Her abstract and minimal work often embodies organic shapes and simple lines, and she likes to explore texture and flow using watercolours, acrylics and oils.

Marie hopes that her reduced and loose interpretations of nature and its elements give room to allow the viewer to focus on the process of painting and each single stroke as well as the artwork itself. She hope her prints bring joy and peace into the homes of their collectors and contribute to the wholesome experience of good interior design.

 About Botanica

This hand painted watercolour illustration was brought to life on a warm sunny afternoon with hinterland rainforests, the sound of the waves, and the breeze of ocean air in mind. It embodies the anticipation of walking to the beach, taking the time on the way to slow down and look at all sorts of tropical flowers.

Be inspired by relaxed and simple summer days and bring the coast into your home.

Simplified structures and abstract forms paired with muted colours are characteristic for this of three illustrations printed on high grade art paper.

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